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Datomium is the central site I use to catalog and host data projects. You can find blog posts, contact information and additonal information on all my work at Third Landing

The Traveling Divvyer

My entry in the 2014 Divvy Data Challenge and the first project hosted at Datomium. The project is a riff on the traveling saleman problem using Divvy data from 2014 and was a semi-finalist in the Most Creative category

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Bases Roaded

A site to plan extended baseball roadtrips to MLB stadia. You can build trips select trips by date range or by cities visited

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Golf Trip Router

Build yourself a golf road trip to over 100 of the top public golf courses in the US. You can choose among predefined trips, or build you own custom trip with only the courses you want.

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My Wisconsin

A map mashup of the great burgers, supper clubs, breweries, bike trails and pizza farms of Wisconsin. I use it to plan my destinations in Wisconsin. And it's called MY Wisconsin, I can put whatever I want on it

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Twitter User Analytics

A lightweight Twitter user analytics tool. View Twitter use for a selected user, including posting patterns and recent Tweets

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Twitter User Compare

COMING SOON ! Compare the postings of two Twitter users to determine their similarity. Useful for indicating whether two Twitter accounts may be posted by the same person

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